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Half-day excursion. The destination of this excursion is the Kor?ćula archipelago, consisting of about 20 small islands and islets of an immense beauty: Badija, Majsan, Vrnik, Planjak, Sutvara, Sestrice, Stupe and so forth. Most of them are uninhabited, with thick wild vegetation and the crystalline blue sea – certainly worth a visit! The boat will take you through the Ko?ula-Pelješac channel and past its islets, past the island of Majsan with architectural remains from prehistoric time and to the village of Lumbarda with the summer houses of the former masters of Kor?ula. After a walk through the vineyards (the grapes of which are used for the production of the famous wine Grk) and leisure time that you may spend in sunbathing and swimming, we continue towards the island of Vrnik with stone quarries where the white Kor?ćula stone is extracted, used in the past for the construction of many world famous buildings (the White House in Washington, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, etc.). On our return journey we will go past the island of Badija with the 15th century Franciscan monastery.